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Maurice Dean Wint Plays Special Agent Howard

Written by Dede Taylor   // July 10, 2013

 Special Agent Howard

Maurice Dean Wint Plays Special Agent Howard


It is Agent Howard who sends Audrey Parker to Haven.   He sends her to Haven to apprehend a suspect and that is where Audrey’s journey begins.  But we learn over the course of Haven‘s three seasons that nothing, not one single thing, is as it appears at first glance and that includes Agent Howard.   He is connected to Haven, its Troubles, and to Audrey in more ways that anyone can guess at first.  It is Agent Howard who gently guides Audrey into choosing to stay in Haven, but let’s her believe it was her own idea.  He is, it appears, in some kind of collusion with the chief of the Haven PD, Garland Wuornos, who is also Nathan’s father.  He was also there when Sarah came to town to nurse a Troubled war veteran and encouraged Sarah to stay as well.


One of my favorite first season episodes is The Trial of Audrey Parker and in the episode we get to see Audrey interact with her boss and we kind of get a feel for how their relationship works from each of their points of view.  By asking her questions about the things she left out of her reports to the FBI about the cases she worked with Nathan and the local PD, he plants even further the idea that Audrey belongs there and that it may even be fate that she ended up there.  We also get a pretty nifty X-Files reference in this episode too.  Turns out Audrey isn’t the first FBI agent with weird talents and beliefs that he has been in charge of.


It turns out that he, in different guises, has mostly likely been there for all of Audrey’s trips to Haven and knows more about her and where she came from and what her purpose in Haven is than anyone, including Audrey.  It’s difficult to know if he is directing things, or is a tool for someone, or something else as Audrey certainly seems to be.


When last we saw Agent Howard, things were not going so well for him and it will be interesting to see what Haven has in store for him in its 4th season.



Haven’s Mysterious Agent Howard Played by Maurice Dean Wint


Maurice was born in 1964 in Leicestershire, England.   He has been seen on TV in such shows as PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, the revival of The Outer Limits, and Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict.


His portrayal of the mysterious Agent Howard on Haven is wonderful.  Agent Howard is calm, cool, and collected no matter the circumstances.  He is subtle in his deviousness and is focused on his mission and is intent on seeing it through.  He is there when the Troubles in Haven begin and he is there when it is time for them to end.   One of the big questions surrounding his characters is, is he human? If he’s not, well … The Tommyknockers was set in Haven, Maine too.  I’m just saying.


Haven returns to SyFy on Friday, September 13th, 2013 10p/9c.  Don’t miss it!




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